4 Dumb Reasons Your 6-Pack Abs Plan Isn’t Working

Ads, infomercials and endless websites claim to be able to give you 6-pack abs – with no effort – and not changing your diet? Don’t fall for the silly hype, and don’t buy into the sneaky persuasion ploys. The truth is that most mass market, six pack abdominal products can’t work. Here are only some of the real reasons why this is true.

1. Several “health foods” are unhealthy. Numerous “diet foods” have few calories or little fat, and also have zilch nutritional value. Such foods are often loaded with sugar and salt, which practically cancels out any advantages of their low calorie or fat content. A superior option is to eat foods that are naturally healthy, since several of them have lower calories yet are full of nutrients.

2. Ab conditioning and cardio routines can be dull or useless. It’s vital that you do the most efficient exercises when attempting to acquire a flat belly or defined stomach. Furthermore, it’s critical that ab exercises aren’t repetitively boring you. That’s because deficient motivation will prevent you from shedding excess tummy fat in the long term.

3. Fat-burner pills are ineffective. Gimmicky fat burning pills can cause three primary problems. Firstly, they can sometimes create health risks, including significant ones. Secondly, they frequently contain ingredients that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has deemed as questionable. And thirdly, they simply aren’t efficient in causing your body to burn food more quickly. Speeding up your metabolism will require some work – something a pill can’t achieve.

4. Ab gadgets are nothing more than slick marketing ploys. My “favorite” (sarcasm intended) gadgets are the ab-belts, which claim that you can shed abdomen flab without having to work for it. The truth is that you cannot burn fat via the process of “spot reduction.” In fact, these fat hangout areas (including the hips, buttocks, and stomach) are frequently the last places where you burn fat – because that’s where a higher percentage of it is stored on the body.

It’s critical to find a six pack ab training program that can deliver visible results quickly and safely. Search for ones that accomplish these goals through an exercise and dietary schedule, not through empty promises – and money wasting gimmicks.

If you combine proper and clean nutrition, simple but consistent cardio exercise and specifically targeted core and abdominal exercises – you can expect to see true results in about 4 – 6 weeks.

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