4 Best Exercises for Building Washboard Abs

Building washboard abs – it sounds a little intimidating at first, but it’s quite the opposite really. It only looks that way because you’ve made up your mind without even trying first.

I have to admit I had trouble coming to terms with toning abs fast because I honestly thought it just can’t be done. After much research, however, I realized ANYONE who had determination and dedication can get completely ripped abs and found some good, no nonsense 6-pack abs guides.

It’s a fact that targeted abs exercises can only speed things up for you. Combined with a well-balanced diet and frequent cardio training, targeted abs exercises will get rid of that unwanted flab and sculpt your ab muscles.

As you follow a low-fat diet and do cardio exercises like running, remember to do targeted abs exercises 3 to 4 times a week. With these top 4 exercises for building washboard abs, you’ll soon find out how easy it is to get six pack abs:

Weighted Sit Ups

You won’t need a lot for this exercise except for small weights. If you don’t own any dumbbells, a pair of canned goods or two small water bottles would do just fine.

1. Lie down on your exercise mat, bend your knees slightly, and keep your feet flat on the floor.

2. Put the weights on your chest and keep them in place with both hands.

3. Lift your upper body slowly while keeping your lower half still.

4. Go up to a 45-degree angle and hold that position for as long as you can.

5. Slowly lower yourself back down and start all over.

Full Body Crunches

Building washboard abs with full body crunches can help you get to your goal faster because it works the entire midsection.

1. Position yourself on the floor again and begin doing your crunches.

2. As your upper body comes up for the crunch, keep your ab muscles tight, and lift your legs off the floor.

3. Gradually lower both your torso and legs back to the floor.

Ball Crunches

For this one, you won’t need anything except for a regular exercise ball.

1. Sit on the ball and plant your feet firmly on the ground.

2. Without moving your feet, slowly roll back on the ball until your upper body and thighs are parallel to the floor.

3. Go up for a crunch while balancing your body with your feet and abdominal muscles.

4. Remember to keep those muscles taut.

5. Go back down to your original position and repeat the exercise.


1. Lie back on the floor.

2. Put your hands behind your ears and lift your legs off the ground.

3. Alternately bring in each leg closer to your midsection as you simulate a steady cycling motion.

4. Twist your torso and touch your left elbow to your right knee when it comes up. Then, touch your right elbow to your left knee and so on.

20 to 25 reps of each exercise will give both your upper and lower abdominals a great workout. Remember to keep your ab muscles tight and drink plenty of water. You’ll soon realize that building washboard abs quickly with these 4 amazing exercises is easy as pie.

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