4 Basic Routines in Hitting the Gym Back

The fitness world has influenced more figure-conscious individuals to work their way to maintain or drop weight. Overweight people hit the gym to primarily lose excess pounds. After a certain period of time, people put a halt to their workout routines especially when their fitness targets are reached.

It should have been realized by everybody that workout isn’t just done as a weight loss remedy. Instead, it must be a lifestyle, a part of daily routine.

But it’s not to deny that there are certain gym goers who stop their health programs once they have gotten thinner. There are 4 basic routines in hitting the gym back if you decide to work out again after stopping for quite some time. Hit back on track be guided accordingly so that you don’t wear and tear your muscle tissues.

1.Warm up exercise varies on how long you’ve been out of your fitness track. The longer you’ve been gone, the longer warm up should be to allow good circulation of blood, flexibility of your muscles and joints, and good conditioning of your system. Walk slowly on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Prior to that, have to do five to 10 minutes of stretching your legs, arms, neck, hamstrings, shoulders, butt and back.

2.Take it gently as you do some weightlifting or strength training. Because your body hasn’t been attuned to lifting weights for quite long, your muscles must have lost its flexibility and tolerance. In other words, they have been sleeping for long. To awaken them, you have to be gentle. Execute free weight or body weight resistance training in slow and convenient attempts. Do not carry on heavy barbells immediately; just take the lowest pounder.

3.Take note of your numbers and speed. If you did higher repetitions and more speed during your last workout, then you might have to slow down a bit as you are back from a long absence. It’s understandable that as you progress in your workout, the more intensity and impact are applied on all your cardio and resistance trainings. But it’s a different story when you are just about to hit the gym again after months of no-exercise at all. You must take note of how much weight and how many repetitions you can do on each routine so that you don’t pressure your muscles extremely.

4.Cool down slowly after your series of warm-up, fat-burning, strength and resistance training routines. Every workout ends with cooling down. Do not rush in calming your muscles down. You can do stretching or tread mill walk for 10 minutes to simmer down.

Getting back to the gym after some time of absence is like getting back to square one. But the good news is that you are on the right track. Make your fitness time part of your lifestyle permanently.

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