3 Women’s Arm Workout Routines

Just like the legs and thighs, the arms need to be trained for resistance. Women would be more confident to wear strappy and sleeveless tops and stylish dresses with arms that are completely toned, sculpted and strong. Nobody wants a set of fatty arms, what do you say?

To help you achieve your dreamed arms come true, you can execute these 3 women’s arm workout routines and share them with the rest of the figure-conscious women in your clique:

1.Traditional Push Ups. Who says only army or navy trainees are capable of pushing up and down the floor. Sure, it used to be a guy thing. But now that women are becoming more assertive and competitive, push-ups are executed to tone arms and strengthen biceps and triceps. They also train your chest and shoulders as well.

Get down on the ground with your hands spread wider than your shoulders and knees aligning your hips. Draw your shoulders toward the back and push your hips forward until you are set just above your knees.

As you push downwards, you feel the contraction in your abs, shoulders, arms and chest. Then, push back up before going down again. It is also important that you hold your back and neck in line so that you don’t strain them. You can do 3 sets of 12 push-ups. Other advanced gym goers can deliver even 3 sets of 30.

2.Biceps Curl. This is very commonly used in fitness clubs. Women find it easy and convenient because it doesn’t require too heavy dumbbells to lift. By just picking a 5 or 8-pound pair of dumbbells, you can do the biceps curl exercise. Other advanced level women workout buffs can handle 10 to 12 pounders but it depends on the body built and tolerance level.

With your hands holding the dumbbells and standing upright, you can bend your elbows and curl your arms to bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders. Hold the said position for 2 seconds and bring the dumbbells back down. You can do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

3.Triceps Extension. This is another common arm routine that is used along with biceps curl by most women who want to tone their arms perfectly. Still hold on to the dumbbells and keep your elbows bent so that the dumbbells are aligned to your chest height.

Bring them backwards with your palms fronting each other. Make sure your elbows are not moved, it’s your forearms that do the extension back to feel the contraction in your triceps. You can do another 3 sets of 10 for this one.

To have perfectly toned and firmed arms, you can engage in the abovementioned routines that specifically target the triceps and biceps.

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