3 Types of Bodybuilding Strength Training Routines

There are three basic types of body strength namely the maximal strength, endurance strength and explosive strength.

Maximal strength refers to the amount of feasible force an individual body builder can generate in one effort, irrespective of the intensity of the opposing force. That total sum of the body’s ability is it’s maximal strength. In simpler definition, maximal strength refers to the ability of the muscles to facilitate the absolute application of strength in one movement. It us take an example to illustrate this. Two body builders, one a beginner and the other an advanced level trainee, can perform a pull up with one arm. Their training weights differ, their training intensity differ, but when it comes to the push up, and the body has to raise its own body weight, maximal strength refers to how easy the pull up will be to each one of them. In this case, maximal strength will depend on how strong they are and how much they weigh, not the training intensity.

In most cases, we base the training intensity ideal for a body builder with the ability of the body. While one weight may be far too heavy for one body builder, it will be lighter for another based on their maximal strength. Ways of determining maximal strength include the one rep max criterion. We have many more Strength Training Articles Now Available.

Explosive Strength is simply the body strength per unit of determined time. This is also called speed strength. Speed strength constitutes the total amount of force a body builder can generate within the shortest length of time possible. How fast one can move a weight from ground zero to ground two, the body from a particular position to the other, is what explosive strength refers to.

In such movements as the jumping squats or the plyometric push ups, you have to propel your body with an explosive force that can actually lift it off the ground. How fast can you react when you slip and are about to fall, how fast can you pull up your body, how fast can you lift a weight into position when starting a weight lifting exercise, how fast can you start a cardio movement and repeat it in several reps? All these aspects refer to explosive body strength. Splinters for instance depend on this type of strength to start a race and achieve maximal speed in an instant.

Finally, the third type of strength is referred to as endurance strength. This is the total amount of opposing force your body can generate and sustain for an extended session or period if time. In the simplest conception, endurance strength is that ability to achieve desired or required amount of explosive energy, accumulate it to maximal strength and then sustain it there for an extended duration. How long is it possible for you to be as strong as is possible or necessary? That is your endurance strength. Athletes need this type of strength than any other, to maintain the application of strength in any activity for as long as it takes to complete the athletic activity.

In body building, endurance strength determines how well you can start an exercise and then carry it to the optimal intensity level while maintaining the proper exercise form. We have many more Strength Training Articles Now Available.

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