3 Tummy Trimming Exercises to Flatten Your Tummy Fast

If you want to flatten your abs I have a few tummy trimming exercises that I recommend you do regularly to help you firm and strengthen your stomach. You can do this at home or at the gym, whenever you like.

Before I write instructions on how to do these stomach reducing exercises, you should always remember that the real way to get long lasting results is to keep your entire body in shape and follow a sensible eating plan. That being said, focused exercises also have a role to play so do these as part of your routine. Here are 3 exercises that you can do:

1. Stomach vacuums – This is a great little exercise which requires no equipment and can be done practically anywhere. To do this you need to stand or sit straight, take a deep breath, exhale all the air out of your lungs, suck in your belly hard as if you were trying to connect your abs with your back, thrust your chest out, and hold.

After 20 seconds or more, release and breathe normally before you do this again several times. This is a static, yet powerful exercise and I believe it is a valuable addition to any workout routine.

2. Hip raises – This is another tummy trimming exercise targeting the lower abdominal muscles. You lie on the floor or a mat and place both hands on the floor close to your body. Raise both legs up into the air straight and hold. Now, push your legs straight upward from your buttocks using your abs to do the lifting. You don’t need to do large movements as even small ones will do. Make sure to not let your legs go down at the end of each movement but keep them as straight as possible.

3. Circular crunch – Place your legs on a stability ball and make sure your knees are bent and at a 90 degree angle to you. Place both hands behind your head as you would for a regular crunch. Raise your body toward one knee in a diagonal motion. When you reach the highest point of your rise, twist your torse to the other side in a circular motion toward the other knee and only then lower your torse to the starting position.

In the next rep switch knees. This exercise targets the central abdominal muscles and the obliques. All 3 of these stomach exercises can be done at home with minimal equipment. Make sure to include them in your routine.

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