3 Top Skills All Job Interviewers Look For

In the competitive world of job searching, companies are determined to find qualified applicants willing to go above and beyond. They do this by going through the dozens of faxed, mailed, e-mailed or in person resumes to judge who will and who will not be called in for an interview. So now the company has your resume, they look it over and call you in for an interview. It’s time to prove to that company why you deserve the job over all the rest of the applicants.

Companies want someone who will stand out above the rest and hit the ground running with the experience. They want someone who has a pleasant demeanor and has the ability to deal with new developments calmly.

These skills are then thrown into three basic groups – knowledge based, personal traits and transferable.

1. With knowledge based skills, people learn from experience. This can be formed from education, training and seminars. Other practices that have been studied also fall into this category.

2.This category determines who you are. In the meeting, a common question deals with telling the interviewer a little about yourself. Responding is fundamentall important because it sets the body tone for the remainder of the interview time.

Personal traits do include using good judgments, being well organized, analytical, be goal-oriented, as well as flexible, creative and much more. Sell yourself as modestly as possible in the limited time frame.

* Do a self-assessment. To be an impressive applicant, examine the document and record all the relevant skills from past jobs. If need be, make a comprehensive skill list using all three groups.

* Once completed, it’s off to face the employer. Interviewers like it when a person speaks clearly, direct and concise.

3. Portable skills are skills that a person brings into a job. Interviewers will ask the general question what can you do for our company because of this reason. It’s important to have these skills because a company will endeavor to look for workers of quality that can only improve their workforce development.

These skills usually involve problem solving, leadership potential, communication skills, writing skills, organization, etc. Each candidate’s relevance will differ based from past experiences.

Emphasize your tech skills during the interview because it is these skills top companies to seek. Although companies may want an inimitable set of skills, those abilities take precedence.

If a person wants to increase their chance of getting the job, play on the strengths and skills during the interviewing process.

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