3 Steps to Warm Up Before a Workout Routine

The basic workout routine should begin with a warm-up which allows you to gradually raise your heart rate in view of the fact that extreme exercises abruptly change your heart rate.  It must be remembered that it is only after you warm up that you should try to move to more intense cardiovascular exercises that increases your heart rate such as the knee lifts and the lunges.

Then after that, you can proceed to more intense routines such as strengthening workout exercises with the use of hand-held weights and elastic tubing that aid in toning upper and lower body muscles.  Then after that, you still need to cool down to put your heart to a resting pulse.

This is basically how a fitness routine should be like.  It should follow the stages in order not to abruptly strain your heart or your body.  So never forget to do warm up exercises before getting into serious business of extreme workout.  Here are 3 steps to warm up before a workout routine.

1. Jogging and walking – The routine is probably the most basic of all routines that you should do before you start with the rest of the exercises.  Jogging provides you with the warm up exercise to condition your body for the rest of the other routines.  You can do a ten-minute jogging and walking combination and in between you can insert some stretching. 

2. Low impact workouts – what you observe is that there are those who go to the gym and immediately proceed with strengthening exercises.  That is precisely wrong because you would rather strain muscles that are yet unconditioned.  In the same manner, before you get into intense cardiovascular exercises, you should condition your heart and blood vessels with low impact aerobics.  The most common forms of a low impact workout are the step aerobics.  You can put on music and then do a series of foot exercises such as stepping in place, knee lifts and simple lunges.  Step aerobics is interesting and all you need here is a platform of roughly 4 by 12 inches.  Simply step on and off the platform while you do the knee lifts and lunges.  It is important though to keep one foot on the ground as you do the steps in order to minimize the stress on your knees and joints.

3.  Yoga and Stretching – these are best for people who want warm up activities that are definitely less stressful particularly to adults and children who have certain disabilities that they can only perform moderate routines. Stretching is easy if you know the principle behind.  There is no need to follow the steps but all you need to know is that every part of your muscle can be stretched to a certain degree. Simply stretch your upper extremities as far as your flexibility can allow.

All these warm up exercises help you condition your body and muscles for an extreme work out and prevent you from having back pains or injury after an extreme work out.

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