3 Stages of Pregnant Dog Symptoms

The animals have several common natural phenomenons just like the humans have in their life span and pregnancy is one such natural phenomenon. It is commonly seen that most of the dog owners keep their pet away from being crossed with others, when they are on their breeding period. However in several cases even after much prevention, the pet becomes pregnant. There are several cases in which it is very difficult to know about the pregnant dog symptoms and in some cases it is seen that the owners do not want to pay stress on the fact that their pet is pregnant.

There are several symptoms of the dog’s pregnancy which one should know in order to keep them fit. For getting pregnant, the dogs need proper heat cycle, proper conditions and in addition the proper time for breeding. The time period taken for getting pregnant is normally sixty days, however it can vary according to the conditions of the surroundings where the pet lives. The symptoms of the dogs are divided into three categories. We have many more Pets Care Articles Now Available.

They are as follows:

Symptoms at the early stage of pregnancy

At the early stage of your dog’s pregnancy she will eat lesser and she will show less hunger which will easily provide you the clear indication of her pregnancy. At the gestation period of your dog, she will feel tired and due to the change in her hormones level for the process of embryo production she will do less activity. The other good pregnant dog symptoms at this early stage are the enlargement of the size of the nipples of the dog. After the breeding of the dog the pregnancy process begins to take place, the breast of the dog gets enlarge and starts the process of the milk production for the coming puppy.

Symptoms at the middle stage of pregnant dog

After the time period of a month of pregnancy, the female dog starts showing different symptoms. Now the hunger of the dog increases and this even gradually gets away with the end of the heat cycle period. There will be an increase in weight of your dog at this period and you can easily realize it by touching the abdomen area of the dog which will be fat and rigid. These are the pregnant dog symptoms of the middle stage.

Symptoms at the last stage of the pregnant dog

The abdomen of your dog would get larger and it will get rigid. It is so because now it carries the extra weight of the puppies and depends on the number of puppies which the dog is having. You can easily feel the puppies’ movement throughout the last weeks of pregnancy and from this you can easily know that your dog will give birth to the puppies very soon. If you are willing to have more information about there are several sites available on the net which can provide you information about the pregnant dog symptoms. We have many more Pets Care Articles Now Available.