3 Simple Free Workout Routines To Get Ripped Abs Without Even Doing 100 Abdominal Exercises

We all have the potential to create a ripped midsection but until the layer of fat covering your gut is reduced your abs simply won’t be visible.

So how do you get rid of this layer of fat to expose the amazing abs beneath? Do you need to do 100 abdominal exercises to get it?

Simply put you need to be burning more calories than you consume through a balanced fitness program including weight training and cardiovascular exercising (running, jogging, cycling etc.). Just doing 100 abdominal exercises will not be having much effect as combined with these.

Here we will mention some good exercises that are effective, safe, and can be done almost anywhere. Remember, persistence is the key. Your abs need to be exercised every single day to give you visible results.

Almost any expert can give you a 100 abdominal exercises. Here we mention a couple of easy-to-do, great exercises for flat abs and they are 3 simple free workout routines to get a ripped abs without even doing 100 abdominal exercises every day.

1. Bent Knee Sit-up

Sit down on a sit-up board and hook your feet under the strap. With your knees bent to about 45 degrees put your hands behind your head and your chin on your chest (this will put a slight bow in your back).
From this position, inhale and lie back until your lower back touches the board. Exhale as you raise back up to the starting position.

2. Alternating Twisting Sit-Up

Sit down on a sit-up board and hook your feet under the strap. With your knees slightly bent, put your hands behind your head and your chin on your chest.

Twist your upper body to the right. Retaining this position, inhale and lower your torso down until your lower back touches the board. Return to the starting position and exhale.

Now twist your upper body to the left and repeat the same movement. A movement to the right and left is considered one repetition.

3. Tummy Isometric Crunch

First exhale, and then suck in your tummy as much as you can. Hold this position for fifteen seconds. Then relax and breathe normally.

Visualize moving your bellybutton straight toward your back. Holding in your tummy muscles and tensing your abs is a good way of firming and strengthening them. You will also become more aware of how to control your tummy muscles. Repeat several times. This exercise can be done anywhere, anytime. However, if you have high blood pressure, do not hold your breath for extended periods of time.

You can do these 100 abdominal exercises till the cows come home but they must be part of a good overall workout routine…including cardio work and proper nutrition to lower your body fat percentage.

Also never take for granted the numerous benefits that proper amounts of sleep can give to you. Aside from always feeling refreshed in the morning, you’ll have more energy and motivation to continuing doing these ads exercises to achieve your ripped midsection.

If you have a large layer of body fat covering your abdominals, even the best ab exercise including doing 100 abdominal exercises is not the solution. It is only once this fat layer has been considerably reduced that it is the time to work your way through the best ab exercise list.

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