3 Nasty Secrets About Most Skin Care Cosmetics

Have you ever wondered why it seems like the major cosmetic corporations like Olay and Clinique are constantly coming out with new skincare cosmetics? It seems like the moment you shell out $50 for their product, you see another commercial on TV talking about a NEW latest-and-greatest aging skincare product they’re “rolling out”.

Now here’s a shocker…high product turnover means poor product results. If a product was really as “awesome” as they say it is, why all the upgrades? Especially so quickly after the last “rejuvenate” was released? Here are the three secrets these companies desperately don’t want you to hear.

So here’s the first nasty secret I promised you: Their products don’t work. In order to retain their “repeat” customers, they have to continually re-invent the wheel. Adding some flower extract or tweaking some special potion to create a brand “new” product.

Here’s how a so-called “new” product roll-out happens.   They include one or two catchphrase ingredients into their skincare cosmetics like collagen and elastin, and then immerse them in a sea of chemical agents. Chemical agents, I might add, that do not belong anywhere near a product that is going to be absorbed into one’s skin.

I guess it’s time for the second nasty secret I promised: They are filling their aging skincare products with ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be toxic to humans.

In fact, several countries (and the EU itself) have already banned the use of several of these ingredients in skincare cosmetics, since many have been linked to types of cancer.   The FDA has regulated the use of several of these, but is still pending on whether to ban the ingredients outright.

But even if they didn’t have these scary ingredients, there’s STILL another problem with their products. Which brings me to nasty secret number three: Using “collagen” and “elastin” as helpful ingredients is a big, fat, LIE.

Whenever you see skincare cosmetics that tout “collagen” and “elastin” on the ingredient list, run, don’t walk, to the next aisle.

It is scientifically proven, and widely acknowledged that the molecular structure of collagen and elastin makes it impossible for those ingredients to be absorbed into your skin from the outside. The molecules are simply to large.

Skeptical? Why do celebrities and A-listers spend thousands on collagen injections if they can head to Target for a miracle collagen cream? It’s because their dermatologists and doctors know this fact. Collagen must be added, or grown, within the skin itself.

Why the aging skincare deception? Simple! Chemicals are C-H-E-A-P cheap (and they’ve got some celebrity endorsements to pay for).

If you want skincare cosmetics that are both safe and effective, then you MUST look for smaller, natural-based companies. These companies can’t afford to lose a single customer with a bad product, so they spend their money on researching and developing plant-based products that work wonders, instead of supporting Jessica Simpson’s shopping habits.

One of the leading nutraceutical (as opposed to pharmaceutical) companies in the field of skincare cosmetics is based in New Zealand (appropriate, don’t you think?). They recently shook up the industry by announcing an all-natural scientific breakthrough in feeding the collagen cells within. The result of these happily-fed collagen cells was a multiplying of collagen, a stretching of elastin, and a wrinkle-free complexion. All using natural ingredients found on this amazing earth.

Decide to make the switch to all-natural ingredients. Your body, and your skin will thank you for it. To see a list of “must have” all natural ingredients to look for, and a summary of the “run away” ingredients you should avoid, visit my website below.

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