3 Exercise Routines for Your Biceps and Your Triceps

Having a well-toned biceps and triceps are among the things that preoccupies men nowadays.  Most men spend time to gyms and fitness centers to develop their upper arm muscles and make it bigger than its usual size.  Nevertheless, it is not that easy to boost the size of your biceps and your triceps particularly if you do not have the time to spend on fitness centers.

In fact, some want faster results that they resort to other measures such as the use of steroids and others.  However, it is better to achieve the desired definition that you want for your upper arm muscles through natural processes.  Here are 3 exercise routines for your biceps and triceps.

1. Warm up common to shoulders and upper arm – To exercise your shoulders and the upper part of your arms, your start position should be standing.  Then spread your legs with your feet at least a shoulder width apart from each other and hold on the weights with each side of your hands and keep your palms facing behind you.  Raise your arms just straight above your head without bending your elbows. From the top bring your arms down in front of you up to your shoulder level without bending your elbows again. Then from that position, lift your arms back to the start position and repeat the routine for at least ten repetitions. 

2. The Lying Barbell Extension – To perform the routine, you would need a barbell extension with the use of a cambered bar. There should be a warm up set to be followed by another two sets in at least twenty repetitions for every set. The motion is just to stretch the triceps at the bottom and then to squeeze it on the top.

3. The Seated One-Arm Dumbbell Extension – This is one of the hard exercises since you need to perform the routine without resting before you go back to start position. So, throughout the routine, you have to maximize the intensity of the pump and as much as possible make use of the full range of motion. Also, you would know if you are doing it the right way because there is a hard squeeze sensation at the top and a tight squeeze on the bottom of the triceps which signifies that you are getting the maximum peak contraction.  Perform the routine for at least three sets of 15 repetitions per set. 

In these routines, most fitness experts advise that you perform the routine slow but more controlled to feel the contraction of the muscles and to achieve better results.

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