3 Easy Steps on How to Remove Fine Lines & Wrinkles

To remove fine lines and wrinkles can be done in just 3 steps.  What can make it easy is to know why we get fine lines and wrinkles in the first place.  So let’s look at the causes and then the steps to remove those wrinkles and fine lines.

3 Causes of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Cause 1 – Over Exposure to the Sun

Too much sun can cause a lot of damage several ways.  UV radiation will set off free radicals that attack other cells.   Their rampage through your skin will result in line and wrinkles.  This in turn causes an ‘aging look’.

Cause 2 – Environmental Toxins

There are many sources of poisons that can enter our body and cause damage to our skin and overall health.  I will cover just two here.  More can be found on my website listed below.

The water that enters our home can be a major source of health problems.  Many contaminants have been discovered in the tap water that is supplied by the public water facility.  They try to do a good job but many toxins can slip through right into your home. 

Cause 3The food that enters our body can be another source of damage that causes fine lines and wrinkles.  Proper nutrition is essential.  I will cover that in a moment.  So what are the benefits of removing these causes?

The Benefits of Removing Fine Lines & Wrinkles

By taking the steps outlined below, you will have the benefit of a younger looking you because your appearance with be greatly improved.  Also the health of your skin will reflect that improvement as well as the health of your body will benefit.  In addition to looking better you will probably feel better.  A good attitude always beneficial to a radiant healthy look.  How do we get these benefits?

How to Remove Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Step 1.   Stay out of the sun for long periods.
Overexposure to UV radiation can cause much damage as stated above.  Protect yourself by wearing a broad rimmed hat on very hot days.  Long sleeves to cover the arms and gloves on the hands are very effective in warding off too much sun.  Go out before 10 am and after 4 pm, if you stay out for long periods.  Use a zinc oxide sun-block NOT a sunscreen.  Sunscreens can cause some problems because they penetrate into the skin and possibly the blood stream.  Zinc oxide does not vanish into the skin; making it the safer method.

Step 2 – Environmental Toxins

Contaminated water can be one of the main causes of illness.  The simple, easy to fix answer is use only clean, purified water. A good water filter is a necessity in today’s environment.  A good one can be found at cleanwaterpure.com  “Bad water”  can play havoc with your skin. Breathe clean, fresh air.

Step 3 – Nutrition – Inside & Outside

Eat nutritious food.  Fruits and vegetables are a must. Take a multi-nutrient and quality fish oil daily. As for the outside of our body, namely our skin, we should apply a good nourishing cream – day and night.  The ingredients must be the right ones and in the right amount. 

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