21st Century Auto Insurance Review

21st Century Auto Insurance is a division of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.  21st Century claims to offer lower prices for auto insurance for the same coverage as offered by other auto insurance companies. We will give the pros and cons of 21st Century Auto Insurance from the customer’s view.


Comments about 21st Century Auto Insurance indicate that most of its customers find the price of their policies to be decent or good until they have to make a claim for an accident.  The price of their policies increased significantly after a claim was made even though some of the customers had not had any accidents for several years.

There are some complaints that the initial quote received showed an increase when the bill arrived three weeks later.  The only explanations were a policy was changed which resulted in a higher price or the price of policies have increased across the board.  Rate hikes are frequent and come without warning.

21st Century Auto Insurance offers reduced rates to certain professions such as teachers and others whose professions involve mathematics and other sciences.  These professions are considered to be good risks for insurance purposes.

Overall, customers feel that rates are the best rates to be found if you have a perfect driving record.  However, even without making any claims your rates can be increased without notice.

Customer Service

Customer service at 21st Century Auto Insurance received the most complaints from customers.  Complaints ranged from customer service representatives being unavailable and not returning phone calls to actually being yelled at by a customer service representative.  The few customers with complaints believe that 21st Century Auto Insurance has incompetent and rude customer service representatives.  However, there are many customers who feel they received excellent customer service.

Accident Claims

There are customers who give an excellent rating for fast settlement of claims.  Others felt that 21st Century Auto Insurance pays off the other party too quickly without much investigation and then tripled their insurance rates.  Overall, clients seem to like this auto insurance company until a claim is made for an accident.

21st Century Auto Insurance received a rating of 3 stars out of a possible 5 stars.  This would indicate that a little more than half of its customers are satisfied with rates, customer service and the handling of accident claims.  If considering 21st Century Insurance for your auto insurance needs you need to proceed with extreme caution.

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