2 SCUM-BAGS face Terrorism Charges in Relation to Ottawa man Who was paid $550,000 to spy on the group.

The informant who befriended and spied on suspected members of an ISIL terror network in Ottawa was paid at least $550,000 during the two-year RCMP investigation, the Citizen has learned.

The undercover agent went from working at an Ottawa paintball supply shop to making top dollar by wearing a wire against suspected jihadis — including twin brothers Ashton and Carlos Larmond, their paintball colleague Suliman Mohamed and suspected ISIL fighter Khadar Khalib.

The undercover agent also worked as a referee at a paintball battlefield. And for a time, he was on a military simulation team that included a handful of Canadian soldiers he trained with on the paintball battlefield.

He is considered a prized police agent in a terrorism case anchored in wiretap evidence. If he was new at the job, it didn’t show. He never blew his cover, not even when one of his Ottawa targets suspected he was wearing a wire and patted him down, according to police.

ted he was wearing a wire and patted him down, according to police.

The informant allegedly captured a key pre-dawn meeting in the parking lot of the Ottawa main mosque on Nov. 25, 2013. It was at this meeting that police allege Ashton Larmond gave the undercover agent $1,300 to cover the agent’s airfare to get to Syria and join the fight. Larmond allegedly advised him on which route to take, and what to bring, right down to warm hiking boots.

The informant dropped out of Ottawa’s paintball community sometime before his targets were arrested in January, around the same time his Facebook account was de-activated.

None of the terrorism charges against the accused have been tested in court and it is not known if the informant has been kept on the payroll since going into hiding.