12 Self Esteem Activities to Gain Your Self Respect

You can set yourself a series of self esteem activities to do every day that will boost you’re your opinion of yourself if it is low. An overinflated self esteem is just as damaging, if not more so than a low self esteem. It is an unrealistic opinion of oneself as being better than and more superior to all and can lead to violent reactions when the ‘truth’ of who one really is, is exposed.

An over inflated or excessively high self esteem usually comes from a childhood and/or adolescence experience where the ego was inflated beyond actual achievements and abilities and where unconditional praise was dissociated from real accomplishment. This leads to a result where the overinflated ego feels superior but for no reason other than being told how unique, valuable and exceptional it is. We have many more Self Help Articles Now Available.

Having a good healthy self esteem is very beneficial but it must be based on fact not fantasy. This is achieved by goal-setting, problem-solving, participation and achievement. These activates build character and at the same time work towards successful outcomes and provide a platform from which to launch the next objective.

Below is a list of other everyday self esteem activates that will not only boost your self esteem but also gain you respect, admiration and cooperation based on the ‘truth’ of who you really are.

1. Give praise whenever earned

2. Reframe from criticism

3. Show that you care in your treatment of others

4. Show that you care in your treatment of yourself

5. Show affection and give encouragement

6. Seek out, respect and listen to good advice from others with experience

7. Focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses

8. Consider your weaknesses/deficiencies as challengers

9. Accept failure as a lesson on how ‘not to do it’

10. Give unconditionally whenever you have the opportunity

11. Be guided by your feelings

12. Be persistent

A good healthy self esteem is about feeling good about yourself and accepting who you are. You are who you are and you cannot be someone else. Feel the joy of your own uniqueness and know that you are special and you are loved. Give yourself a chance to become better and go easy on yourself. None of us are perfect and to gain perfection it is not why we are here.

We are here to create, learn and grow and to experience the wonder of life and not to live up to the expectations of others. Look at everyday as a new day and an opportunity to get better and better in every way and it will be realized. Don’t ‘want’ to be happy, ‘be’ happy, it comes from the inside and is an attitude you can adopt by merely deciding to ‘be’ what you want to be. We have many more Self Help Articles Now Available.