10 Tips for Raising Children of Character – How to Bring Up a Child?

How to bring up in your child an independent, self-motivated and simply complete person of marked individuality? Raising a child is a continuous and rather difficult task. Having two sons of 4 and 6 years old and a daughter of 10 years old, I regularly search for the information on this theme.

All parents and teachers know that it is much better to teach the child by example. And first of all such example must show the parents of the child. And it is not only how we treat each other as spouses, but also how we treat and talk about other people outside the family. It means, if the father says to his son: «Wash your hands before dinner», and after coming home from office doesn’t wash his hands, the kid will always have a subconscious desire to copy his father in everything despite all the appeals. Here you can see a conflict in education – discrepancy of what you demand from the child and what he observes around him. And this discrepancy will give an impulse to misunderstanding and resistance in future.

Of course, each family has its own ideas and methods of raising their children. But it is also interesting to learn, what education practices exist. Not so far ago I have found ten tips for raising children of character and want to share them with you. The tips are very interesting and simple, but we always forget them in our everyday life. So I suggest you to pay attention to a short summary of them.

  1. Don’t wait that your child will be like you. Or like you want. Education should help the child to become himself.
  2. Don’t treat the problems of your child with disdain: be assured, at his age the life seems to him not easier, than yours. And sometimes it seems even harder. Because the kid still doesn’t get used as you do.
  3. Don’t treat the child with indignity or dishonor.
  4. Don’t demand from the child a payment for everything that you are doing for him: you gave him the life, how can he thank you? Later he will give life to another: this is the irreversible law of gratitude.
  5. Don’t work off your bad temper on the child. Remember: as you sow, so shall you reap.
  6. Don’t torture yourself if you can not do something for your child, but you should torture yourself, if you can do something and don’t do because of your laziness, stirring life etc.
  7. Remember: it is made not enough for the child if it’s not made everything possible. It is the major law of education!
  8. Love your child no matter what: he can be ungifted, unlucky, inpatient. While communicating with your child, enjoy the time you spend together, because it is a holiday, that won’t last for a long time.
  9. Love someone else’s child. Treat him like your own child.
  10. You should discipline wisely. Principles of discipline should be clear and firm but not harsh.

In conclusion I would say, that not only we bring up our children, but also they bring us up instantly. If you want to make your child better, you should become better yourself. It is the basic postulate of education!

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