10 Teacher Interview Tips For Acing Your Next Interview

If you are looking for a teaching job and have never been on a teaching job interview, then you will find out very quickly that the interviewing process can be overwhelming. Whether it is your first time interviewing or you have been on numerous teaching job interviews, these teaching interview tips will drastically improve your chances of landing the job during your next interview.

  1. Do your research.

    Make sure you know everything you need to know about the school and district you are applying to. Be sure to go to the school, dress up professionally, and ask the Human Resources Department all information pertaining to the school and district.

  2. Since you are already there, why not hand-deliver your resume and cover letter to the principle themselves?!

    A lot of people may think that the Human Resources Department are responsible for getting you the interview, but it’s actually the principle. You may very well get an interview on the spot, or the administrator might have the secretary call you within the next few days to schedule a formal interview.

  3. Be sure to clean up your on-line footprint!

    What is meant by this is simple; do not have any salacious or better yet defaming things online at sites such as Myspace and Facebook. The truth is, they most likely will Google you. Make sure you Google yourself, and delete anything that might cause you to lose your job in the future that is online. If you do have a Myspace or Facebook, make sure your pictures and content are “appropriate” (i.e. pg-13!).

  4. Make sure you get your cover letter and resume properly critiqued.

    Make sure you get at least 3 people to look over your resume and cover letter to ensure that you have no grammar mistakes, that there are no spelling mistakes, and keep it succinct. Make sure your cover letter and resume does not contain more than one page. Keep it simple and easy to read.

  5. Another teacher interviewing tip. Get involved!

    Get involved in community functions. Go to school board meetings and volunteer at the school. Also make sure you converse with and get to know other teachers. Most are always willing to help. They might also mention you as a candidate to the principle. Remember, like most jobs, it is not always what you know, but who you know.

  6. Make sure you have a professional email address.

    Having an email such as Lovely69 will ensure that your resume gets tossed aside and therefore, never read.

  7. Amongst the other teacher interview tips, these two are easily skipped. Do not go heavy on the make-up and cologne/perfume!

    You want to leave a lasting impression, but they do not want to smell your scent 10 minutes after you leave the room. You also do not want to be remembered as the person who had a “clown face” because of the overbearing amount of make-up you wore.

  8. Keep your body language consistent and intact.

    Do not have a tenuous posture. Stand straight up in your chair and keep as much eye contact as possible. Make sure you focus your attention to the whole panel, and not just the principle. Also, make sure you keep your hand above the table at all times, and do not move around nervously.

  9. Make sure you look professional.

    Let the panel know you are serious about working there by being well-groomed and dressing neatly. Brush your hair, keep the make-up to a minimum, and make sure to shave.

  10. Ask questions.

    Never say you have no questions for them — this makes you come off as not being interested, even if your interview was flawless beforehand.

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