10 Resume No No Phrases and Keywords for Resumes

I got this information off of yahoo hot jobs, but I want as many people as possible to have this information as I believe that if you are like me and our looking for a job in the toughest market we have seen in a long time, we could use every weapon possible. I think it’s from a column called “The Savvy Networker”.  This article particularly is about phrases that should be eliminated from your resume.  The objective I believe is to make your resume more personal and not so robotic.  It is a myth that the resume should be strictly technical, but that is a different article. Here are the top 10 phrases to eliminate out of your resume immediately.

  • Results-oriented professional
  • Cross-functional teams
  • More than [x] years of progressively responsible experience
  • Superior (or excellent) communication skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Met or exceeded expectations
  • Proven track record of success
  • Works well with all levels of staff
  • Team player
  • Bottom-line orientation

Phrases like this in today’s age are considered uncreative and leave with a less than appropriate first impression. Liz Ryan, the author of the article, states that you should put a human voice into your resume and states an example.  I encourage you to go to the site and read the full article.  The URL is: http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/career-experts-10_boilerplate_phrases_that_kill_resumes-97

            Many of us don’t realize the power that keywords can have to making our resumes stand out. I recently found out that companies use a software application to filter out resumes by searching for keywords.  Keywords should describe experience you have to qualify for a job. Alice Ain Rich is a career consultant and helps us understand what keywords can do for us.  Some resume writers suggest having a keyword section within the body of your resume.  Repetition of keywords can create emphasis of experience. Make an effort to use industry specific words like particular applications you know or words that are in job titles.  This is a good article to help you strengthen your resume.  You can read it at http://career-resources.dice.com/articles/content/entry/resume_keywords_a_primer?cmpid=118.

Happy Job Hunting

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