10 Effective Home Remedy For Heart Palpitation

Heart Palpitations is a disturbance of irregularities in the beating of the heart. Heart Palpitations (irregular heartbeat) now become common phenomenon seen among men and women among all the age groups. Some causes cited for the heart palpitations commonly are incorrect diet, stress and many a times an unhealthy lifestyle. Some other factors causing palpitations are increase in physical activity, nervousness, excessive smoking and flatulence. The common symptoms seen in heart palpitations are uneasy feeling, increased pulse rate along with a kind of thumping felt in chest. Below content gives you some home remedy tips to treat or cure the heart palpitations in a natural way.

Below are some home remedies suggested for palpitation:

• Taking a guava when you have empty stomach is one of the best ways to cure irregular heartbeat in a natural way. You should have it regularly in morning. It will treat irregular heartbeat /heart palpitations along with providing a very soothing effect.

• You can also take grape juice daily. This will relieve those who suffer from irregular heartbeat.

• Add one tablespoon honey in half cup lemon juice and a glass full of water. Take this mixture before sleeping. This can be very good remedy for treating irregular heartbeat.

• Create a paste with few leaves of snake gourd and water. Place this paste in cheesecloth and then squeeze out the juice. Take this juice about 1 or 2 tablespoon three times in a day.

• Add pinch of cinnamon and camphor to Indian spikenard. Take this in an amount of two-three grams. One more way of taking it can be taking it in the form of infusion in the doses of about 30-60 ml, three times a day.

• Take equal amount of jaggery, dry coriander and aniseed, grind and make a powder of it. Take this powder in an amount of 6 grams after meal.

• Increase the intake of fruits and fresh vegetables. This can be very good remedy to keep your heart healthy.

• Get involved in physical activities in your day to day life. You can incorporate cycling, swimming and some outdoor sports to keep your heart healthy.

• Avoid beverages containing caffeine like alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee. These beverages are responsible of increasing the occurrences of the heart palpitations.

• Take juice of half a lemon and mix 1 teaspoon honey to this lime juice. Then add 250 ml water to this mixture. Take the mixture daily as this will reduce the heart palpitations.

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